About Pastor Richard Mahadevan

Pastor Richard hails from a Hindu family. Born in a poverty stricken family, he led an unpeaceful life. In his childhood while living at Thiruvannamalai district, he was affected by a highly infectious disease and small pox. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rescued him from the clutches of death and healed him. But, he gave his life to the Lord when he was doing his college studies staying in the hostel. A good friend of him introduced the true savior to him. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, got baptized and was assisting the local church pastor in his ministries. Later on, he joined YWAM, a missionary organization. After completing his bible college, he proclaimed the gospel in the Northern and Eastern states of India for 15 years. He started the Good Life Trust at Hosur after he received a vision from the Lord. He has led thousands of lost souls into Christ and is a useful vessel in God's hand proclaiming the Good News of Jesus in Hosur from the year 2000 along with his family. God has been using Pastor Richard to heal hundreds of people and a dead young woman raised to life for the Kingdom's glory. Pastor Richard is involved in full time ministry for the past twenty years. He's a very good worship leader, prayer warrior, talented singer and song writer. God has blessed him with the ability to sing the bible verses as it is. Support his ministry with your prayer and offering. May God bless you and your family abundantly.