THe trust has been created for charitable purpose within the meaning of the Income tax act, 1961 as educational, spiritual and religious object of the trust are to establish a school for poor, to render services to poor.

To establish orphanage by giving shelter, food, clothing and education and provide employment opportunities to the poorer section and giving.

To start and run hospitals, medical centers etc.

To start and run rehabilitation center for mentally retorted, physically handicapped persion and to start old ang homes.

To help the down trodden citizen of the community and to assist them for developing self sufficiency.

To print and publish books religious, educations, spiritual and religious.

To work for all development of the poor people especially women and children.

To bring the people and preach the moral in film shows, cultural programms and moral skits.

Leprosy recitation and rehabilitation of leprosy handihapped.

To teach love and quality among all peoples.

To promote educational both secular, religious, technical etc.

To run model schools, organize nursery school, secondary higher and technical educatoinal institutions colleges in an categories.

To undertaken and organize study cources, lectures, meetings and conferences, seminors and the like to promoted the objects of the trust.

To grant donations to other charitable trust/purposes.

To start tailoring and libraries

To collaborate, assist and join with similar instition for fulfilling the object of the trust.

To fulfill such other objects not inconsistance with spirit of this trust and income tax act 1961.

To proclaim and propagate love of Jesus christ through public meetings, cast or community.

To organize public meetings and to arrange for speekaers, and singers in order to proclaim the gospal.

To conduct radio programmes and teleision programms and arrange for recording of messages.

To publish religious books, magazine, pamphlets etc,. that will develop faith in Jesus christ and love and humanity.

To give training to youngman and women in social and missionary work and teaching biblical truth.